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Blurred Vision – What Are The Causes?

Posted Thursday, March 7th, 2013

What are the causes for blurred vision?

A blurred vision is indicative of the fact that all is not well in the anatomy and the functioning of the eye. There are many causes for such deficiencies in vision. Although the condition is not always serious, it sometimes does indicate a serious underlying condition in the eye such as a tumor. Usually, a person sees blurred things when he is myopic or when he is long sighted. However, in such conditions, objects that are either far or near are clearly visible depending on the nature of vision problem. If the vision is blurred when seeing object at all distances, it means that the problem is deeper and hence, requires immediate clinical attention. Another very common cause of blurred vision is cataract. The milky layer on the lens makes it hard to see things clearly. Astigmatism, which is a condition of misshapen cornea, is a major cause for blurring of eyesight. Macular degeneration, which is a condition where neurons behind the eye become inefficient, can cause blurring of the eye. To put it in a nutshell, blurred vision is caused when the muscles the support the eye become weak, when the shape of the cornea is disturbed or when the elasticity of the lens is lost. As a person ages, vision does become blurred.

How can blurred vision be treated?

Treatment for blurred eye follows diagnosis of the exact problem. Laser eye surgery might be required in several cases such as astigmatism and cataract to restore full vision. Wearing corrective lenses can help as a remedial measure. If blurring is caused due to excessive dryness of the eye, then hydrating eye drops are prescribed. There are different clinical methods of curing problems of blurred eye. However, the problem can best be avoided by leading a healthy life, eating balanced food, a healthy intake of fluids and good amount of physical exercise.